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Auto merge of #17077 - asajeffrey:constellation-no-root-browsing-cont…

…ext, r=cbrewster

Removed root browsing context from constellation

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Removed the special root browsing context from the constellation.

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bors-servo committed Jun 7, 2017
2 parents 3553ae4 + 86c09ac commit abb6ce3edbc2bda65a0f075955d3c143a839c884
@@ -96,6 +96,11 @@ impl BrowsingContext {
self.instant = entry.instant;
self.load_data = entry.load_data;

/// Is this a top-level browsing context?
pub fn is_top_level(&self) -> bool { == self.top_level_id

/// An entry in a browsing context's session history.

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