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Instructions for building with the MSVC toolchain

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@@ -21,7 +21,8 @@ Please select your operating system:
* [Arch Linux](#on-arch-linux)
* [openSUSE](#on-opensuse-linux)
* [Gentoo Linux](#on-gentoo-linux)
* [Microsoft Windows](#on-windows)
* [Microsoft Windows (MSVC)](#on-windows-msvc)
* [Microsoft Windows (mingw)](#on-windows-mingw)
* [Android](#cross-compilation-for-android)

#### OS X
@@ -91,7 +92,26 @@ sudo emerge net-misc/curl media-libs/freeglut \
dev-python/virtualenv dev-python/pip dev-libs/openssl \
x11-libs/libXmu media-libs/glu x11-base/xorg-server
#### On Windows
#### On Windows MSVC

Install Git for Windows ( DO allow it to add git.exe to the PATH (default
settings for the installer are fine).

Install Visual Studio 2015 Community Edition ( You MUST add "Visual C++" to the
list of installed components. It is not on by default.

Install Python for Windows ( The windows x86-64 MSI installer is fine.
You should change the installation to install the "Add python.exe to Path" feature.

Install virtualenv.

In a normal Windows Shell (cmd.exe or "Command Prompt" from the start menu), do:
pip install virtualenv
If this does not work, you may need to reboot for the changed PATH settings (by the python installer) to take effect.

#### On Windows mingw

Download Python for Windows [here]( This is
required for the SpiderMonkey build on Windows.
@@ -157,6 +177,13 @@ cd servo
./mach run tests/html/about-mozilla.html

Or on Windows MSVC, in a normal Command Prompt (cmd.exe):
``` cmd
git clone
cd servo
mach.bat build --dev

For benchmarking, performance testing, or
real-world use, add the `--release` flag to create an optimized build:

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