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Add support for default dict values being boolean, use in MediaStream…

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Manishearth committed Feb 13, 2019
1 parent caa0594 commit ce635b715bc61d82e3d5bafb2964c960e7cc5f9c
@@ -747,7 +747,15 @@ def wrapObjectTemplate(templateBody, nullValue, isDefinitelyObject, type,
for memberType in type.unroll().flatMemberTypes
if memberType.isDictionary()
if dictionaries:
if defaultValue and not isinstance(defaultValue, IDLNullValue):
tag = defaultValue.type.tag()
if tag is IDLType.Tags.bool:
default = "%s::Boolean(%s)" % (
"true" if defaultValue.value else "false")
raise("We don't currently support default values that aren't null or boolean")
elif dictionaries:
if defaultValue:
assert isinstance(defaultValue, IDLNullValue)
dictionary, = dictionaries
@@ -23,10 +23,8 @@ partial interface MediaDevices {

dictionary MediaStreamConstraints {
(boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) video;
// (boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) video = false;
(boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) audio;
// (boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) audio = false;
(boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) video = false;
(boolean or MediaTrackConstraints) audio = false;

dictionary DoubleRange {

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