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Auto merge of #25515 - pshaughn:checkpoints, r=nox

Add microtask checkpoints to script elements and custom elements

Servo had a microtask checkpoint at the end of running a script, but there was also supposed to be one at the end of HTML-parsing a script element before Javascript-parsing the script itself, and there were supposed to be checkpoints immediately after the call to a custom element constructor. This adds those, passing all cases of one WPT test file.

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- [X] These changes fix #25016 except for the remaining not-really-about-microtasks case #25514

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bors-servo committed Jan 14, 2020
2 parents b52ddc5 + e4a5d8d commit d8a7ae97ca24278ff5bbe95fb403a445cf32e663
@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ use crate::dom::bindings::error::{
use crate::dom::bindings::inheritance::Castable;
use crate::dom::bindings::reflector::{reflect_dom_object, DomObject, Reflector};
use crate::dom::bindings::root::{Dom, DomRoot};
use crate::dom::bindings::settings_stack::is_execution_stack_empty;
use crate::dom::bindings::str::DOMString;
use crate::dom::document::Document;
use crate::dom::domexception::{DOMErrorName, DOMException};
@@ -543,6 +544,14 @@ impl CustomElementDefinition {

if is_execution_stack_empty() {

rooted!(in(*cx) let element_val = ObjectValue(element.get()));
let element: DomRoot<Element> =
match unsafe { DomRoot::from_jsval(*cx, element_val.handle(), ()) } {
@@ -690,6 +699,15 @@ fn run_upgrade_constructor(
} {
return Err(Error::JSFailed);

if is_execution_stack_empty() {

// Step 8.3
let mut same = false;
rooted!(in(*cx) let construct_result_val = ObjectValue(construct_result.get()));
@@ -558,6 +558,19 @@ impl ServoParser {
Err(script) => script,

// branch "An end tag whose tag name is "script"
// The spec says to perform the microtask checkpoint before
// setting the insertion mode to Text, but this is not
// possible with the way servo and html5ever currently
// relate to each other, and hopefully it is not observable.
if is_execution_stack_empty() {

let script_nesting_level = self.script_nesting_level.get();

self.script_nesting_level.set(script_nesting_level + 1);

This file was deleted.

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