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adding wpt lint script to tidy checks

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jmr0 committed Nov 30, 2015
1 parent 29c42a9 commit e301ff46b2ab1dc823489fd979e64bc04c931aed
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@@ -544,6 +544,16 @@ def check_reftest_html_files_in_basic_list(reftest_dir):
yield (file_path, "", "not found in basic.list")

def check_wpt_lint_errors():
import subprocess
wpt_working_dir = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(".", "tests", "wpt", "web-platform-tests"))
lint_cmd = os.path.join(wpt_working_dir, "lint")
subprocess.check_call(lint_cmd, cwd=wpt_working_dir) # Must run from wpt's working dir
except subprocess.CalledProcessError as e:
yield ("WPT Lint Tool", "", "lint error(s) in Web Platform Tests: exit status {0}".format(e.returncode))

def scan():
all_files = (os.path.join(r, f) for r, _, files in os.walk(".") for f in files)
files_to_check = filter(should_check, all_files)
@@ -556,9 +566,9 @@ def scan():
reftest_to_check = filter(should_check_reftest, reftest_files)
r_errors = check_reftest_order(reftest_to_check)
not_found_in_basic_list_errors = check_reftest_html_files_in_basic_list(reftest_dir)
wpt_lint_errors = check_wpt_lint_errors()

errors = list(itertools.chain(errors, r_errors, not_found_in_basic_list_errors))

errors = list(itertools.chain(errors, r_errors, not_found_in_basic_list_errors, wpt_lint_errors))
if errors:
for error in errors:
print "\033[94m{}\033[0m:\033[93m{}\033[0m: \033[91m{}\033[0m".format(*error)

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