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Implement Animation.commitStyles.
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birtles authored and emilio committed May 29, 2019
1 parent 86524c3 commit eba393c
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10 changes: 10 additions & 0 deletions components/style/gecko/
Expand Up @@ -5,12 +5,22 @@
//! FFI implementations for types listed in ServoBoxedTypeList.h.

use crate::gecko_bindings::sugar::ownership::{HasBoxFFI, HasFFI, HasSimpleFFI};
use crate::properties::animated_properties::AnimationValueMap;
use to_shmem::SharedMemoryBuilder;

// TODO(heycam): The FFI impls for most of the types in ServoBoxedTypeList.h are spread across
// various files at the moment, but should probably all move here, and use macros to define
// them more succinctly, like we do in

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasFFI for AnimationValueMap {
type FFIType = crate::gecko_bindings::bindings::RawServoAnimationValueMap;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasSimpleFFI for AnimationValueMap {}
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasBoxFFI for AnimationValueMap {}

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasFFI for SharedMemoryBuilder {
type FFIType = crate::gecko_bindings::bindings::RawServoSharedMemoryBuilder;
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Expand Up @@ -9,9 +9,7 @@
from itertools import groupby

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")] use crate::gecko_bindings::structs::RawServoAnimationValueMap;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")] use crate::gecko_bindings::structs::nsCSSPropertyID;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")] use crate::gecko_bindings::sugar::ownership::{HasFFI, HasSimpleFFI};
use itertools::{EitherOrBoth, Itertools};
use crate::properties::{CSSWideKeyword, PropertyDeclaration};
use crate::properties::longhands;
Expand Down Expand Up @@ -190,13 +188,6 @@ impl AnimatedProperty {
/// composed for each TransitionProperty.
pub type AnimationValueMap = FxHashMap<LonghandId, AnimationValue>;

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasFFI for AnimationValueMap {
type FFIType = RawServoAnimationValueMap;
#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
unsafe impl HasSimpleFFI for AnimationValueMap {}

/// An enum to represent a single computed value belonging to an animated
/// property in order to be interpolated with another one. When interpolating,
/// both values need to belong to the same property.
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