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style: Ensure nested ruby level container don't escape from line brea…
…k suppression.

Differential Revision:
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upsuper authored and emilio committed Feb 12, 2020
1 parent 25fda14 commit ec37e7a
Showing 1 changed file with 18 additions and 4 deletions.
22 changes: 18 additions & 4 deletions components/style/
Expand Up @@ -547,7 +547,14 @@ impl<'a, 'b: 'a> StyleAdjuster<'a, 'b> {

#[cfg(feature = "gecko")]
fn should_suppress_linebreak(&self, layout_parent_style: &ComputedValues) -> bool {
fn should_suppress_linebreak<E>(
layout_parent_style: &ComputedValues,
element: Option<E>,
) -> bool
E: TElement,
// Line break suppression should only be propagated to in-flow children.
if || {
return false;
Expand All @@ -567,11 +574,18 @@ impl<'a, 'b: 'a> StyleAdjuster<'a, 'b> {
// Ruby base and text are always non-breakable.
Display::RubyBase | Display::RubyText => true,
// Ruby base container and text container are breakable.
// Non-HTML elements may not form ruby base / text container because
// they may not respect ruby-internal display values, so we can't
// make them escaped from line break suppression.
// Note that, when certain HTML tags, e.g. form controls, have ruby
// level container display type, they could also escape from the
// line break suppression flag while they shouldn't. However, it is
// generally fine since they themselves are non-breakable.
Display::RubyBaseContainer | Display::RubyTextContainer => false,
// generally fine as far as they can't break the line inside them.
Display::RubyBaseContainer | Display::RubyTextContainer
if element.map_or(true, |e| e.is_html_element()) =>
// Anything else is non-breakable if and only if its layout parent
// has a ruby display type, because any of the ruby boxes can be
// anonymous.
Expand All @@ -593,7 +607,7 @@ impl<'a, 'b: 'a> StyleAdjuster<'a, 'b> {

let self_display =;
// Check whether line break should be suppressed for this element.
if self.should_suppress_linebreak(layout_parent_style) {
if self.should_suppress_linebreak(layout_parent_style, element) {
// Inlinify the display type if allowed.
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