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Intermittent failure in sampling profiler test #23109

jdm opened this issue Mar 27, 2019 · 0 comments


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commented Mar 27, 2019

     Running target/debug/deps/hang_monitor_tests-d7bcb6b01769dde1
running 3 tests
Enabling profiler.
test test_hang_monitoring_unregister ... ok
Disabling profiler.
Resolving 1/1
test test_sampler ... FAILED
test test_hang_monitoring ... ok
---- test_sampler stdout ----
thread 'test_sampler' panicked at 'assertion failed: data.len() > 1', components/background_hang_monitor/tests/
note: Some details are omitted, run with `RUST_BACKTRACE=full` for a verbose backtrace.
stack backtrace:
   0: std::sys::unix::backtrace::tracing::imp::unwind_backtrace
             at src/libstd/sys/unix/backtrace/tracing/
   1: std::sys_common::backtrace::_print
             at src/libstd/sys_common/
   2: std::panicking::default_hook::{{closure}}
             at src/libstd/sys_common/
             at src/libstd/
   3: std::panicking::default_hook
             at src/libstd/
   4: <std::panicking::begin_panic::PanicPayload<A> as core::panic::BoxMeUp>::get
             at src/libstd/
   5: core::ptr::real_drop_in_place
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/libstd/
   6: hang_monitor_tests::test_sampler
             at components/background_hang_monitor/tests/
   7: hang_monitor_tests::test_sampler::{{closure}}
             at components/background_hang_monitor/tests/
   8: core::ops::function::FnOnce::call_once
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/libcore/ops/
   9: <F as alloc::boxed::FnBox<A>>::call_box
             at src/libtest/
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/libcore/ops/
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/liballoc/
  10: panic_unwind::dwarf::eh::read_encoded_pointer
             at src/libpanic_unwind/
  11: test::run_test::run_test_inner::{{closure}}
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/libstd/
             at /rustc/0ea22717a1e01fa535534b85a5347a7e49fc79de/src/libstd/
             at src/libtest/
test result: FAILED. 2 passed; 1 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 0 filtered out

This is a test I added in #23080 which appears to fail nondeterministically despite my attempts to write in ways that would discourage that.

@jdm jdm added the I-intermittent label Mar 27, 2019

bors-servo added a commit that referenced this issue Mar 31, 2019

Auto merge of #23139 - gterzian:bounded_profiler_with_buffer_feedback…
…, r=jdm

Bound sampler buffer, add length feedback message, fix intermittence in test

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