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Just tried to build with d15dd2f and it appears that the change to the src/rust-freetype module in the most recent commit means that git submodule update will fail, and therefore, so will ./configure:

configure: git: submodule update
fatal: reference is not a tree: 29e5fa637965d7ce2c1b9b1347d8fe6054a71243
Unable to checkout '29e5fa637965d7ce2c1b9b1347d8fe6054a71243' in submodule path 'src/rust-freetype'

Checking out the previous commit (be1935e) fixes it (well, to the extent that I can get a servo executable, at least).


jdm commented Dec 30, 2012

Sigh. Fixed with the latest push. One of these days I'll figure out how to not have the submodules all go to non-master branches on me.

jdm closed this Dec 30, 2012

@ChrisParis ChrisParis pushed a commit to ChrisParis/servo that referenced this issue Sep 7, 2014

@jgraham jgraham Merge pull request #236 from vyv03354/mozbug885765
Fix syntax errors

@glennw glennw pushed a commit to glennw/servo that referenced this issue Jan 16, 2017

@bors-servo bors-servo Auto merge of #243 - gmorenz:underflow, r=glennw
Use signed arithmetic to avoid underflow when shrinking window.

fixes #236

The underflow occurs when the y co-ordinate of `viewport_size` in the last `render_api.set_root_stacking_context` call is bigger than the y co-ordinate of  `framebuffer_size` in a `renderer.render` call.

The problem is the calculated layer_origin y is negative, but we calculate it using unsigned ints, and then cast to signed just for the gl calls. The two places where this calculated value is used are `gl::scissor` and `gl::viewport`, both of these are perfectly happy with a negative origin point (as far as I know and can tell, but I don't have much experience with opengl), thus I've just changed it so we cast to signed integers early.

The other options would be to require the above doesn't happen, either by using an outdated bigger framebuffer size (which results in the contents of the window moving upwards as the window shrinks), or recalling `set_root_stacking_context` (which is less efficient).
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