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High priority web compat

Updated Jul 31, 2020

No description


Updated Sep 30, 2020

MVP implementation of WebGPU API.

babylon.js perf issues

Updated Jul 4, 2020

Tracking known issues that slow down babylon.js content.

web-platform-test failures

Updated Dec 14, 2020

Identified work items to make tests from WPT pass in Servo.


Updated Jul 8, 2020

Missing features/bugs preventing from running in Servo.


Updated May 28, 2020

Bugs and missing features preventing from running correctly.


Updated Aug 17, 2020

No description

UWP port

Updated Nov 26, 2020

No description

High priority WebGL work

Updated Feb 23, 2020

Known holes in the WebGL implementation that affect web content.

Actionable intermittent failures

Updated Apr 8, 2020

Intermittent failures that are particularly frequent or clearly actionable.


Updated Jul 8, 2020

Missing features/bugs affecting complete WebAudio support.

Media playback

Updated Jul 16, 2020

No description

FxR / Servo / Immersive Mode

Updated Jan 23, 2021

No description

WebGL content

Updated Nov 20, 2019

Missing and broken pieces preventing WebGL content from working correctly.

A-Frame support

Updated May 29, 2020

Work items to run A-Frame examples correctly.

Hubs support

Updated Jul 22, 2020

Get Hubs working in Servo.

Mobile developer ergonomics

Updated Aug 17, 2020

Features/bugs/papercuts that make developing a device-based version of Servo more challenging.

Mixed Reality future needs

Updated Jun 10, 2020

No description

Android MVP

Updated Nov 20, 2019

No description