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Create performance resource timing entry for synchronous network fetch #23322

merged 1 commit into from May 10, 2019
1 successful check

Travis CI - Pull Request


ran May 8, 2019 in 40 minutes

e5217ee by @pylbrecht

Build Passed

The build passed, just like the previous build.


This is a pull request build.

It is running a build against the merge commit, after merging #23322 Create performance resource timing entry for synchronous network fetch.
Any changes that have been made to the master branch before the build ran are also included.

Jobs and Stages

This build has two jobs, running in parallel.

Job ENV OS State
45146.1 Linux passed
45146.2 \["CC=gcc-6 CXX=g++-6 CCACHE=\/usr\/bin\/ccache RUSTFLAGS=-Dwarnings CARGO\_INCREMENTAL=0"\] Linux passed

Build Configuration

Build Option Setting
Language Python
Operating System Linux (Trusty)
Python Version 2.7
Build Configuration
  "dist": "trusty",
  "group": "stable",
  "matrix": {
    "include": [
        "dist": "trusty",
        "sudo": false,
        "cache": false,
        "script": [
          "./mach test-tidy --no-progress --all",
          "./mach test-tidy --no-progress --self-test",
          "python ./etc/ --test",
          "bash etc/ci/"
        "before_install": [
          "curl -sSf | sh -s -- --default-toolchain none -y",
          "pip install virtualenv",
          "source ~/.profile"
        "env": "CC=gcc-6 CXX=g++-6 CCACHE=/usr/bin/ccache RUSTFLAGS=-Dwarnings CARGO_INCREMENTAL=0",
        "dist": "xenial",
        "sudo": 9000,
        "cache": {
          "directories": [
        "addons": {
          "apt": {
            "sources": [
            "packages": [
        "script": [
          "./mach build -d --verbose -p servo",
          "./mach test-unit",
          "./mach clean",
          "bash etc/ci/"
        "before_cache": [
          "./mach clean-nightlies --keep 2 --force",
          "./mach clean-cargo-cache --keep 2 --force",
          "rm -rf $HOME/.cargo/registry",
          "rm -rf $HOME/.servo/target"
        "before_install": [
          "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test -y",
          "sudo add-apt-repository 'deb llvm-toolchain-xenial-3.9 main' -y",
          "sudo apt-get update -q",
          "sudo apt-get install clang-3.9 llvm-3.9-dev llvm-3.9-runtime libunwind8-dev -y",
          "pip install virtualenv",
          "curl -L | tar xz",
          "sed -i \"s;prefix=/opt/gst;prefix=$PWD/gst;g\" $PWD/gst/lib/pkgconfig/*.pc",
          "export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=$PWD/gst/lib/pkgconfig",
          "export GST_PLUGIN_SYSTEM_PATH=$PWD/gst/lib/gstreamer-1.0",
          "export GST_PLUGIN_SCANNER=$PWD/gst/libexec/gstreamer-1.0/gst-plugin-scanner",
          "export PATH=$PATH:$PWD/gst/bin",
          "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$PWD/gst/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH",
          "export LLVM_CONFIG=llvm-config-3.9",
          "curl -sSf | sh -s -- --default-toolchain none -y",
          "source ~/.profile"
    "fast_finish": true
  "python": 2.7,
  ".result": "configured",
  "branches": {
    "only": [
  "language": "python"
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