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Firefox Reality release notes

Josh Matthews edited this page Aug 6, 2020 · 6 revisions
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Version 1.2

New features:

  • added an in-app web console (press the developer tools button next to the URL bar)
  • added a panel to enable experimental/incomplete features that are disabled by default
  • launching the app via a fxrmin:// URL instead of http:// brings up a kiosk mode with no browser UI (eg. fxrmin://
  • remote developer tools now supports Firefox 79 & 80

Web content features:


  • The most recent page contents will now be fetched when reloading a page
  • The remote devtools port now remains constant between browser sessions
  • self-signed SSL certificate errors can now be bypassed
  • Focusing a text input now causes the on-screen keyboard to appear
  • SSL websocket connections can now be opened
  • Launching the app from a fxr:// URL now shows the full browser UI
  • Network requests now include the Referer (sic) header
  • Blank and srcdoc iframes can now perform network requests

Known issues:

  • CanvasRenderingContext2d.fillText does not draw any text (#27515)