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Core team

Servo is governed by a core team, which is ultimately responsible for all decision-making in the project. Specifically, the core team:

  • Sets the overall direction and vision for the project
  • Sets the priorities and release schedule
  • Makes final decisions

The core team currently consists of @larsbergstrom, @metajack, @jdm, and @pcwalton.

Reviewer privileges

After demonstrated competence not only at writing code for a component of Servo, but also at reviewing code within that component, we will consider granting review / merge privileges to new members. If you would like to consider having these permissions, please bring it up with @larsbergstrom and @metajack, and they will verify with an appropriate super-reviewer before granting review / merge privilege.

This verification will involve ensuring that a super-reviewer has ensured the proposed reviewer's reviews are consistent with the expectations of the project.

While review privileges are traditionally project-wide, it is also possible to have specific reviewer privileges for certain repositories. This is controlled using extra_reviewers in the Homu config, as opposed to the main reviewers list.

All those with access are expected to abide by and will be held to Mozilla's Commit Access Requirements:


While review privilege is global to Servo and all its associated projects, it is expected that significant changes in key areas - particularly that are exposed to web content and could impact web compatibility! - are approved by an appropriate super-reviewer. They currently are:

  • edunham: build, devops
  • gw: graphics, Android
  • jack: devops
  • jdm: content/DOM, devtools, net
  • larsberg: devops, Android/embedded, embedding
  • manishearth: content/DOM
  • ms2ger: content/DOM
  • nox: html5ever
  • pcwalton: layout, graphics
  • simonsapin: html5ever, layout, style

All reviewers

The list of all reviewers' GitHub names is available at:, which is the file that drives our installation of, our autolander and the only approved way to commit changes to the Servo repositories.

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