Implementing a web standard (RGSoC)

Josh Matthews edited this page Feb 1, 2018 · 1 revision

Welcome to Servo! We're going to implement a very small new API in Servo that can be accessed by web content through JavaScript. Jeena Lee, a former Rails Girls Summer of Code participant with Servo, has written up a thorough guide describing how to implement the imaginary Doge web standard.

As part of applying to be a RGSoC candidate for Servo, please consider making time to:

  • follow the guide and implement the Doge API as described
  • add a new void remove(DOMString word) method to the API that removes the provided word, or throws a TypeError if it does not exist

These steps will simulate the process of contributing to Servo as part of RGSoC. Please contact jdm (the mentor) if you are experiencing difficulties with any of the steps or have any questions!

Note - since the guide was published, there have been some changes that need to be made to the code:

  • replace GlobalRef with &GlobalScope
  • replace rand with servo_rand
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