Meeting 2015 11 30

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Agenda items

  • Brainstorm ideas for the workweek (larsberg)
    • DESTROY ALL INTERMITTENTS; Browser.html polish; alpha Android release hacking; GH issue backlog triage; rebase and merge abandoned PRs; ...
  • NCSU deadlines: Dec 4 is pencils-down, Dec 14th is expected window for addressing review comments. (jdm)
  • crate squatting (jack)
  • PR queue is >80 again, almost 50% reviewable (ie. S-awaiting-review) (jdm)


  • jack, simonsapin, larsberg, ajeffrey, mbrubeck, manish, fewsxcv, edunham, pcwalton

Regrets: Ms2ger, jdm

Last week

Brainstorm ideas for the workweek

  • jack: I'm fond of destroying the intermittents!
  • larsberg: I suspect there are only three or so
  • pcwalton: ipc-channel improved failure messages?
  • larsberg: I think that plus the error reporting one would be good. I think ipc-channel gets a lot of blame due to chain-panic thread failures.
  • jack: Now have a version of the runtime that launches Servo, via ms2ger!
  • simonsapin: What's the runtime?
  • jack: browser.html requires something that isn't a browser to start from. It's just a mozjs shell. The first bit of it is support for the CEF API in JS, so that the JS code can launch a browser window. Can also be used to build apps that aren't browsers (e.g., commandline apps). We'll see where it goes. We have a first version and now are waiting for feedback from paul. Most of the blockers in terms of Servo layout bugs are either fixed or in-queue.
  • jack: Does anybody have other ideas/opinions?
  • manish: nox is saying the issue backlog is causing people to wonder how we feel about it.
  • jack: I think until we destroy intermittents, the PR log is going to stay long. After the intermittents, we can help with rebases, etc.
  • jack: Maybe land sandboxing?
  • pcwalton: There's some work needed on OSX, but it's landed.
  • jack: Could probably test all platforms in mozlando. I'd like to come up with a 2016 testing plan, too. What do we want to do? Need jgraham there (webdriver support, etc.). Also mochitests and bholley. See what we need to do to get servo well-tested. Fact that there are no cookie tests is a bit scary! Breaking cookies and having nothing catch it in WPT is scary.
  • manish: I think in the last few months started doing work on areas that don't have WPT tests. We're hitting a limit in some areas where we are missing tests.
  • jack: So far, we've been relying on WPT. Unless we start budgeting time to write new WPT tests, we won't remember to do it. In the initial 2016 CTO office roadmap planning, I did propose having a full-time person to work on testing stuff... btw, 2016 plans should be finalized after the workweek.

NCSU deadlines

  • jack: I assume jdm will want help reviewing them. Dec. 4 is code complete; Dec. 14 is the landing time. May want to do some of these on the workweek.
  • jdm: Please keep in mind that reviews/answers for NCSU work should be performed ASAP to maximize chance of usable, valuable contributions from students.
  • jack: jdm may pick reviewers and push them around.
  • simonsapin: Do we wait for students to address the issues in the review?
  • jack: Yes, but they have to be addressed by Dec. 14.
  • manishearth: Is merging a requirement for the course?
  • jack: I think not (it wasn't in the past); they had to get a PR opened. Extra credit before December 4th. We've had trouble in the past with not helping the NCSU students land their PRs during that last push window.

Crate squatting

  • jack: We lost the skia crate! Somebody took it. So now we're stuck as servo-skia. Simon registered all the stuff that we were not already using.
  • simonsapin: I sent some e-mails to the person who took the skia crate name, but they aren't spending any time on it and want PNACL support, which we don't have.
  • jack: Compile skia with PNACL? I talked to them back when that team still existed, and they weren't planning to support something like skia, even before that team got killed.
  • pcwalton: Maybe it's about pepperGL instead?
  • simonsapin: The person said there's a bunch of llvm, rustc, etc. stuff to do.
  • jack: I'll try to figure out from my google contacts if PNACL is still under any active development, particularly towards supporting skia.
  • jack: There's a list of crates not owned by us that are either being squatted or that have some other implementation. Maybe open a metabug and start tracking these down? Kinda bad to have servo-foo for every foo in the servo GH org. Also, if you create a new crate, SQUAT IMMEDIATELY!
  • simonsapin: Also don't forget to add the github team as an owner so that other people can publish updates. Run cargo owner -a github:servo:cargo-publish

PR queue is > 80 again

  • jack: Lots are in a reviewable state; please get on these! If you have time, pick up stuff that doesn't have a review. Might be hard before we have intermittents solved.
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