Relevant spec links

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Note: The spec list at attempts to provide links to all relevant specs using the guidelines documented on this page; cases where it currently doesn’t merit a pull request or issue report.


  • Prefer WHATWG specifications over W3C ones


  • Use HTTPS


  • Always use the Editor's Draft
  • Use HTTPS


If you're linking to 'multipage', don't include the page in the URL since the page is not stable. e.g.:

    • instead of
  • W3C
    • instead of

Spec links


CSS 2 is a special snowflake. Some, but not all, of its chapters are superseded by newer Level 3+ documents. Look at CSS 2 for the feature-set to prioritize, but at the new specs (which are often more detailed and precise) for implementation. Consider the stability of the spec before implementing new features.

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