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Our long-term plan is to:

  1. Incrementally replace components in Firefox with ones written in Rust and shared with Servo.
  2. Determine product opportunities for a standalone Servo browser or embeddable library (e.g., for Android).

Our 2018 goals for Servo - especially the Mozilla staff - are aligned with the new Mixed Reality efforts at Mozilla:

  • Declarative VR. We have libraries like Three.js, Babylon.js, A-Frame, and ReactVR and tools like PlayCanvas and Unity to produce 3D content, but there are no standards yet for how traditional web pages should behave when loaded into a headset.
  • We will continue to experiment with things like DOM to texture. It is still difficult to allow web content to be part of a 3D scene.
  • Higher quality text rendering with WebRender and Pathfinder, originally designed for desktop but now tuned for VR and AR hardware.
  • Experiment with new AR APIs and computer vision.
  • Experiment with new WebGL extensions (multiview, lens-matched shading, etc.)
  • Experiments with device & voice APIs (WebBluetooth, Physical Web/Beacon successors, etc.)
  • Add media support

There are also existing areas that we will continue to work on:

  • Ship WebRender in Firefox
  • Integrate PathFinder into WebRender
  • Validate ongoing long-term experiments in the DOM implementation

Ongoing activities are best followed at the projects pages, which will hold the backlog of work and related tasks.

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