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We use SaltStack to configure our build master and the slaves. The sources are at:

Our main Salt-related docs are in-tree, and include a link to the official Salt documentation as well. This wiki page lists some supplemental information.

Adding Minions

See the main docs for Linux and Windows; OS X instructions are listed here until cleaned up.


I use Vinagre to VNC from Ubuntu into freshly paved macs for these setup steps. The initial username is Administrator and the password is noted in the Macstadium support ticket.

  • Get password from ticket

  • Install latest or compatible Xcode and commandline tools from the Appstore If the app store version of xcode is incompatible with the OSX version:

    • Look up what version of xcode is required for the OSX version
    • Download that version from (use search box)
    • When download is complete, double click the .dmg in downloads and follow the drag-and-drop instructions to install
    • If there's a gray :no_entry_sign: on the xcode icon, OS updates are required to run it. Click applications, click the updates tab, and let it reboot and install updates.
    • Run sudo xcode-select --install when connected via VNC viewer. The installation command creates pop-ups which must be clicked to successfully install xcode.
  • Verify the license:

sudo xcodebuild -license
  • Install brew and git and pip:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew analytics off
brew install git
echo export PATH='/usr/local/bin:$PATH' >> ~/.bash_profile
source ~/.bash_profile
brew install python@2
  • Download salt files:
curl | sh -s osx
curl -O
  • Add the following to the com.saltstack.salt.minion.plist file just after the Label section:
sudo cp com.saltstack.salt.minion.plist /Library/LaunchDaemons/
sudo bash -c "echo ' salt' >> /etc/hosts"
sudo mkdir /etc/salt
sudo mkdir /var/log/salt
sudo salt-run launchd.write_launchd_plist salt-minion
printf 'id: servo-mac10' | sudo tee /etc/salt/minion # replace servo-linux10 with the builder name 
sudo launchctl load -w /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.saltstack.salt.minion.plist
  • Set screen resolution to 1280x960 or else reftests will fail randomly

  • Create a standard user named 'Tom Servo', account name servo, give him a password, and log in.

    • Set up to autologin on reboot. LEAVE LOGGED IN (else reftests will fail)
  • Do the following to stop coreaudiod from using 100% of a cpu:

sudo launchctl load -w /system/library/launchdaemons/
  • And do this to stop mds/mdworker from using another 100% of a cpu:
sudo launchctl unload -w /system/library/launchdaemons/ 
  • Delete any residual files which might be left in /Users/administrator/Downloads, as they're implicated in issues with FileStatsAgent.
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