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A mirror of the paywall'd nprobe

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nprobe is a software NetFlow v5/v9/IPFIX and nFlow probe that allows to turn a PC into a NetFlow probe.
It has been designed to be compact, easy to embed, an memory/CPU savvy.

Build Steps
sudo make install

NetFlow v5
This is the default flow export format.

NetFlow v9
In order to enable NetFlowV9 it is necessary to use the -T flag that defines the template format. For instance:
'nprobe -V 9 -T "%PKTS %BYTES %TOS %IP_SRC_ADDR %IP_DST_ADDR"  -n'. For the list of all supported
fields type "nprobe -h". You can visualize the generated flows using a recent version of Ethereal (

In order to enable IPFIX it is necessary to specify -T (as for NetFlowV9) and -V 10.


Copyright (C) 2002-2010 - Luca Deri <>
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