Tighten up a Raspbian Pi sdcard image before the first run.
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This is based on a script by Ken Fallon, as described in Hacker Public Radio episode 2356: Safely enabling ssh in the default Raspbian Image. Thanks, Ken!


pi_sdcard_setup - Tighten up a Raspbian Pi sdcard image


pi_sdcard_setup [options] [file ...]

  -h|--help      brief help message
  -m|--man       full documentation
  -d|--download <download URL>


Print a brief help message and exits.
Prints the manual page and exits.
-d|--download URL to download image
Downloads a Raspbian Pi image to process. If the URL is not given, the default location is https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_latest If this option is not used, you will need to supply the name of a .zip file that contains an Raspbian image.


Given a Raspbian image, pi_sdcard_setup.bash will modify the image to:

  1. Enable SSH
SSH is turned off by default in a Raspbian image.
  1. Copy over a SSH key
This will allow logging into the RPi without using a password.
  1. Change the pi user password
Make it something other than "raspberry".
  1. Change the root password
This also enables the root account.
  1. Disallow root from logging in via SSH.
Now that there is a root account, we shouldn't be able to login to it from the network.

When this updated image is burned to an sdcard, the RPi will have these changes before it runs the first time.


Download and process the default (latest Raspbian) image:

pi_sdcard_setup.bash -d

Process an image you've alread downloaded. Perhaps you've made a change to this script and want to re-run it:

pi_sdcard_setup.bash raspbian_image.zip