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A minimal base.html file to get your project started

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base.html represents the minimum that you should include in your base template.


curl > base.html


HTML Boilerplate is the gold standard of HTML base templates but I've always wanted something simpler.

We don't need to force decisions about JS / CSS layout in our base template, you're an adult - you can make those mistakes yourself. It should no longer be considered best practice to always include JQuery (or any third party JS / CSS). Plus, and this is awesome, if you're using a modern SSL configuration you no longer have to worry about IE 10 compatibility (so no more ie css tags that you remove with JS).

This base.html project aims to be as minimal and un-opinionated as possible, including only things that would be considered best practice for 99% of web projects.

Browser Support

100%! No, but really, there's nothing in the base.html that will break in any browser. What's not included is code that specifically adds support for older browsers. Or really any actual code beyond a very simple base. That means there's no CSS reset, normalize.css or modernizr.js - so if you want to support old version of IE you'll have to include those yourself.

If you want to use HTML5-style markup (<section>, <article>, <nav>, etc.) and still support IE9 you'll need to include something like html5shiv.

What about...

...setting a favicon?

Just include favicon.ico in the root of your site as recommended by Audrey Feldroy's amazingly detailed favicon-cheat-sheet. I have a set of very small icons you can use in sesh/favicons (mostly to avoid the 404).

...including a css reset?

Sure. Use whichever one you want! You just have to include it yourself.

...Google Analytics?

There's a bunch of analytics options out there and Google provides one of them. Our aim is to not be opinionated so you'll need to include your own analytics package (if you really want a recommendation you can support the creator of this template by using my referral code for Fathom Analytics).


Before committing please make sure that any changes pass htmlhint (with the default settings).


Favicon credit: Baseball Field by Ryan Choi from the Noun Project


A minimal base.html file to get your project started