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thttp is a single file, lightweight, well-tested wrapper around urllib that's intended to be copied directly into your project.

It's features include:

  • Making GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, HEAD and OPTIONS requests
  • Sending query parameters with your request
  • Encoding JSON payloads for POST, PATCH and PUT requests
  • Encoding form-encoded payloads for POST, PATCH and PUT request
  • Sending custom headers with any request
  • Disabling SSL certificate verification for local testing / corporate proxies
  • Following (or not following) redirects
  • Sending through a CookieJar object that can be reused between requests
  • Authenticating with HTTP basic auth
  • Specifying a custom timeout for your request
  • Decompressing gzipped content in the response
  • Loading JSON from the response
  • Returning error responses instead of throwing exceptions from urllib
  • pretty() function for printing responses

Future features:

  • Better detection of JSON responses
  • Improve handling of non-utf-8 requests
  • Improve handling of non-utf-8 responses

Note: this project is not intended to solve all use cases that can be achieved with urllib, requests or other HTTP libraries. The intent is to provide a lightweight tool that simplifies some of the most common use cases for developers.


copy directly into your project:

curl >

Or, install with pip:

python3 -m pip install thttp

Basic Usage

See the tests for examples of usage, but, effectively it's as simple as:

from thttp import request

response = request("", params={"data": "empty"})

# {'args': {'data': ['empty']}, 'headers': {'Accept-Encoding': ['identity'], 'Fly-Client-Ip': [''], 'Fly-Forwarded-Port': ['443'], 'Fly-Forwarded-Proto': ['https'], 'Fly-Forwarded-Ssl': ['on'], 'Fly-Region': ['hkg'], 'Fly-Request-Id': ['01F6P2WQAY1NGPRDCXV9H60XW5'], 'Host': [''], 'User-Agent': ['Python-urllib/3.8'], 'Via': ['1.1'], 'X-Forwarded-For': [','], 'X-Forwarded-Port': ['443'], 'X-Forwarded-Proto': ['https'], 'X-Forwarded-Ssl': ['on'], 'X-Request-Start': ['t=1622091390302198']}, 'origin': ',', 'url': ''}

# 200

Running the tests

> python3 -m unittest

And to check the coverage:

> coverage run -m unittest
> coverage html && open htmlcov/index.html

Run black before committing any changes.

> black

Packaging for release

rm dist/*
python3 -m build
python3 -m twine upload dist/*