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Release C5.2.4.5891 of 2016-02-17
* Memory safe enumerators for mobile development courtesy of nbasakuragi
Release 2.4.5828 of 2015-12-15
* KeyValuePair Serializable
* KeyValuePair.Create using type inference
* Added .NET 4.5 version: IIndexed<T> implements IReadOnlyList<T>
* Fixed typos.
Release 2.4 of 2015-12-15
* Support for Universal Windows Platform
Release of 2014-06-10
* Added .NET 4.0 build which reintroduces support for serialization
* Added .NET 3.5 build
Release 2.2.5073.27396 of 2013-11-21
* Update to PCL profile in NuGet package
Release 2.2.4822.42600 of 2013-03-15
* Mono support is now built-in as Mono 3.0.6 and Xamarin Studio supports portable libraries.
* The C5 assembly is now strong named.
Release 2.1.4492.18142 of 2012-04-19
* Full support for Mono.
* C5 can now be built for Mono using the C5.Mono.sln file.
Release 2.0.4398.21073 of 2012-01-16
* Included .xml file in build.
* Includes System.Core from the Portable Library Tools in build.
* Fixed binary search bug in SortedArray.
Release 2.0.0 of 2011-05-23
* The new .NET 4.0, Silverlight, and Windows Phone version.
It is not backwards compatible with the 1.0 branch.
Release 1.1.1 of 2010-12-17
* Fixed 5 bugs found since the 1.1.0 release. Only one of this is
likely to break code: the specification and implementation of the
range indexer this[i,n] on TreeSet was wrong.
Release 1.1.0 of 2008-02-10
New functionality:
* Interface C5.ICollection<T> now extends generic interface
System.Collections.Generic.ICollection<T>. The C5.ICollection<T>
interface in some cases describe different exceptions than
specified by SCG.ICollection<T>, but we have not attempted to fix
this because the .NET collection implemented in some cases throw
other exceptions than those specified anyway.
* Interface C5.IList<T> now extends interface non-generic interface
System.Collections.IList, so C5 list collections can be passed to
.NET GUI components and other framework methods.
* Exception-free methods
bool TryPredecessor(T x, out T res)
bool TrySuccessor(T x, out T res)
bool TryWeakPredecessor(T x, out T res)
bool TryWeakSuccessor(T x, out T res)
have been added to the ISorted<T> interface and the classes that
implement it.
* Added methods analogous to the above to ISortedDictionary<K,V> and
the classes that implement it.
* Event raising on SortedDictionary<T> finally implemented, thanks to
Marcus Griep. Hence all unit tests should now succeed.
* The missing custom comparers and equality comparers have been added
for all primitive types except bool.
* The book "The C5 Generic Collection Library" has been updated
to reflect these changes.
Bugs fixed:
* SortedArray<T>.UpdateOrAdd and SortedArray<T>.FindOrAdd did not
expand the underlying array correctly
* HashDictionary.UpdateOrAdd returned the new value, not the old one.
* CollectionBase.StaticEquals threw exception when exactly one
argument was null.
* HashedLinkedList<T>.Remove could fail with NullReferenceException.
* HashSet<T>.UpdateOrAdd(item, out old) did not set old=default(T)
when item was not already in the set.
* HashBag<T>.CopyTo could throw when copying from empty collection.
Release 1.0.2 of 2007-06-01
Bugs fixed:
* SortedDictionaryBase was not marked as [Serializable]
* ArrayList.expand did not update the array field of (other) views
* IntervalHeap::Replace would throw an exception on one-element heap
Release 1.0.1 of 2006-06-27
Bugs fixed:
* CircularQueue<T> indexer was wrong
* Some equality comparers created by C5.EqualityComparer<T>.Default
were not marked serializable
* HashSet<T>.RetainAll could leave internal data inconsistent
* TreeDictionary<K,V> was not marked serializable
* HashedLinkedList<T> problem related to tag group implementation
* Dispose() could fail on newly created lists
New features:
* A strong name (.snk) is included
* C5.IList<T> now derives from System.Collections.Generic.IList<T>
* Added file for NAnt, due to Johan Warlander
The technical report has been updated to reflect the above changes.
Release 1.00 of 2006-01-30
First complete release. There are lots of changes since the
* Interface design has been reorganized and simplified
* New functionality added (too much to describe here)
* Updated for Microsoft C#/CLI 2.0 release version
* Comprehensive documentation in ITU Technical Report ITU-TR-2006-76
PreRelease 0.5 of 2004-08-06
First public release, essentially a preview of the library, for beta 1
of Microsoft C#/CLI 2.0.