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SET is a new cryptocurrency Token that addresses today's environmental pollution concerns, climate change effects and the health and fitness levels of the world’s citizens.

The SET project promotes Eco-friendly products and environment savvy Technology on a DeCentralized Open Source Blockchain Platform. SET is a Rewards like discount Token, used for promoting the sale of anti-pollution products and createing an ecosystem for environmentally sustainable businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe. The main objective is to develop a global platform or marketplace where you can buy eco-friendly products that are manufactured by Wardwizard other manufacturers who want to utilize the platform to sell their eco-friendly products to like-minded consumers.

Using/Testing the Platform

  1. Clone the repo to local drive
  2. CD into the repo using terminal
  3. Run by entering "meteor" in terminal
  4. Open localhost:3000 in chrome browser (please ensur metamask is isntalled in chrome)
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