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Ultimate Webshots Converter

Ultimate Webshots Converter (also known under the short name "UWC"), is a Webshots pictures converter (see It is able to show and save into JPEG files the pictures contained in the following files :

  • .WBC and .WBP - Webshots Collections
  • .WBZ - Downloaded Webshots pictures
  • .WB1 and .WBD - Webshots pictures

It can do batch conversion, rename strange webshots filenames into the title of the picture, allows you to browse through webshots pictures and collections, and extract whole or individual pictures.

UWC 1.x has been made with Visual Basic 6. It is able to read WBC, WBZ, WB1 and WBD files and extract pictures into JPEG files.

Since version 1.6.6, almost all the source code is distributed under GNU GPL licence. Previous versions were not licenced, and thus should not be used without the permission of the author. Some parts of the code which belong to other people are still not distributed under the GPL licence :

  • DirExplorer has been created by Yomm and Renfield from
  • cDibSection and cProgressbar come from
  • cCommonDialogs comes from
  • sprintf is a creation of Benoit Frigon


Ultimate Webshots Converter






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