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Uses a public API to create an employee directory
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This project uses jquery and ajax to retrieve info from a public api(a random profile api) and formats and displays the info as an employee directory. When the page is loaded or refreshed 12 random profiles of individuals from us, au, and gb are loaded. When a profile card is clicked on, more info about that individual is displayed in the modal window. From there, you can navigate to the previous or next profile via the previous or next buttons, or you can close the modal window. There is a search input dynamically added to the page in the header section. A keyup event is listening to match the search input with the names of the individuals displayed on the page, so it will automatically filter out non-matches. Changes that I've made to the styling include: bgcolor, font-size of heading, transorm(scale) of cards on hover, border-radius of cards, and border of profile image in modal view.

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