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A lightweight DIY alternative to services like Linktree and
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🔗 LittleLink


LittleLink is a lightweight DIY alternative to services like Linktree and LittleLink was built using Skeleton, a dead simple, responsive boilerplate — we just stripped out some additional code you wouldn't need and added in branded styles for popular services. 😊


LittleLink has more than 18 company button styles you can use and we'll be throwing more in soon. You'll also find a light and dark theme ready to go. Not a fan of the colors? Update skeleton-light.css or skeleton-dark.css to the HEX values of your choosing.


Using Skeleton let us build something that loads quickly & doesn't have any of the unnecessary bloat you would get from using a large framework for a page that requires nothing more than simplicity. LittleLink scored a 99/100 in performance when tested with Lighthouse.


You won't need gulp, npm, or anything else to make LittleLink work, it uses the bare essentials. You can just fork LittleLink, edit index.html, and publish. Use ZEIT Now for continuous deployment when you make an update to your LittleLink.

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