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Cloudformation - scripts for building AWS infrastructure


East1-VPC.json - Contains Cloudformation templates that will build a VPC with a bastion (Ubuntu OS) in an ASG, 2 public and 2 private subnets. You could provision a 3rd EIP and have it auto assigned to the bastion server by adding the code in EIPAllocator.

Docker - Various Docker and ECS images and scripts/functions

Docker -

Dockerfile - Use this to create an image that will install Packer. By adding a few lines for where the image should pick up the files you can dump your packer.json file into this image and then add a script to kick off the packer run automatically once the image is started. A brief example is in the code. The dockerfile itself can be run with the following command: docker build -t demo-packer:demo-packer --rm=true . Packer file in this dir is a copy of what is found under the Packer directory.

Scripts - Various scripts and utilities

Python - - Using boto this script will delete cloudwatch logs based on the "prefix" that you input. This is a useful script when you have multiple log groups that all start with the same few letters such as "company-name-" where the full log group name might be "company-name-loggroup-number001", "company-name-loggroup-number002", "company-name-loggroup-number003", and so on into the hundreds. - Describes all of the ELBs in the EAST region and returns just the names. More could be added to this to actually do something with those names. - Not useful at this time but the plan is to scan for users who are and are not using MFA on their users since AWS doesnt provide a way to enforce this important security rule outside of a policy file. - Using boto it will run a describe on all security groups and output the data to a output.json file locally. It will also convert the json to a CSV file. The output to the CSV file needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Terraform - Various Terraform scripts and utilities - Modify the bucket name and key(path) in this file to match your own in AWS S3. Place the "terraform.tfstate" file in the location described by 'key' in the file.

Packer - Various Packer build templates

Packer.json - A packer file that will spin up an AMI based on Ubuntu 16.04, install OS updates, install chefdk 1.4.3, clones down a sample Berksfile, adds some slight config for berks and then will install whatever you have in the berksfile. In this case its just nginx. This will also install the Datadog monitoring agent. Free accounts are available through their website. The command for this file is: packer build -var 'aws_access_key=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY' -var 'aws_secret_key=YOUR_SECRET_KEY' -var 'datadog_api_key=YOUR_DD_API_KEY' packer.json See for a possible way to automate the variable entry.