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Phant is for consuming and storing data and Bro produces a lot of data. Together they make a good pair.


Create a stream at the public SparkFun phant server:

Take your public and private keys and use them in a script. Refer to the example in test/example.bro to see how to use this module.

This module is very early still and I'm not making any promises about the stability of the API. In fact, I can almost promise that I'll break it!


  • Support rate limiting through the metadata returned by the server.
    • X-Rate-Limit-Remaining
    • X-Rate-Limit-Limit
    • X-Rate-Limit-Reset
  • Add cluster support. Decide ahead of time which node in a cluster will actually be submitting data to Phant.
  • HTML encode data being submitted (this can cause failures!).