AT&T DMD 5620 Terminal Emulation - GTK+ implementation
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GTK DMD 5620 Emulator

This is a GTK+ 3.0 implementation of an AT&T / Teletype DMD 5620 emulator.


Version: 1.2.0

This is an actively developed project.


The executable has the following dependencies:

  • GTK+ 3 (libgtk)
  • GDK Pixbuf 2 (libgdk-pixbuf)
  • Cairo 1.15+ (libcairo)
  • Glib 2 (libglib)


The terminal emulator uses the Telnet protocol to communicate with a remote host.

dmd5620 -h <host> [-p <port>] [-n <nvram_file>] [-v] [-- <gtk-options> ...]

If not specified, <port> defaults to 23.

nvram_file is the name of a file in which to store the contents of NVRAM. This will preserve the state of the NVRAM between runs.


Version 1.2.0

  • Upgraded to libdmd_core 0.6.3
  • Improved timing further (loading with 32ld works now)
  • Fixed build in CentOS. Should build cleanly on Fedora, RedHat, Ubuntu, and Debian now.

Version 1.1.0

  • Upgraded to libdmd_core 0.6.2
  • Removed the need for Rust to compile!
  • Improved timing.
  • Fixed a Telnet bug that prevented BINARY mode negotiation.
  • Reduced CPU usage by not redrawing every frame unless video RAM has changed.
  • Added missing TAB and arrow key support.

To Do

  • Local serial line support is not yet implemented.

See Also

  • dmd_core: DMD 5620 core implementation library, used by this project.


  • libtelnet: The telnet library used by this project. It is in the public domain, but I would like to thank the authors for making it available.


MIT license. See the file

Copyright (c) 2018, Seth Morabito <>