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df <- read.table("day9.txt", stringsAsFactors=FALSE)[,c(1,3,5)]
locs <- unique(c(df[,1],df[,2]))
n <- length(locs)
dmat <- matrix(nrow=n, ncol=n, dimnames=list(locs,locs))
for(i in 1:nrow(df)){
dmat[df[i,1],df[i,2]] <- dmat[df[i,2],df[i,1]] <- df[i,3]
routes <- permutations(length(locs), length(locs), locs)
print(min(apply(routes, 1, function(r){sum(dmat[cbind(r[-n],r[-1])])})))
## Part 2:
print(max(apply(routes, 1, function(r){sum(dmat[cbind(r[-n],r[-1])])})))
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