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Custom Homebrew R formula with tcl-tk support and additional options
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Custom hombrew r formula. Tcl-Tk support is added by default using the Mac OS system Tcl-Tk framework (see r.rb formula lines 61-63). The formula also provides optional support for the following dependencies: Cairo, IUC, Java, LibTIFF, OpenBLAS, Pango and TexInfo.

Operational X11/Xquartz and macOS Command Line Tools installations are build requirements. X11/Xquartz is required because the tk.h header file used in base r tcltk package includes X11 headers.

macOS Command Line Tools must be installed for the appropriate Tcl-Tk config files to be available. As from macOS 10.14 (‘Mojave’), an additional step is needed to install the headers in the appropriate locations. From the Terminal run:

sudo installer -pkg /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Packages/macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg -target /

Consult the R-dev installation manual for more detailed information.

In order for cairo support it is necessary to install a version of cairo with X11 headers. Since the Homebrew core cairo formula no longer supports the --with-x11 option, a custom cairo formula has been made available in this repository that will support R with cairo device capabilities. If this option is desired and you have a previously installed Homebrew version of cairo, reinstall using the formula provided here brew rm cairo && brew install -s sethrfore/r-srf/cairo. Otherwise brew install -s sethrfore/r-srf/cairo should be sufficient. This may neccesitate reinstallation of other formulae depnding on cairo.


When all system dependecies addressed in the previous section have been met, this modified R formula can be installed as follows.

Add the repository to your homebrew

brew tap sethrfore/homebrew-r-srf

Check available installation options

brew info sethrfore/r-srf/r

Compile the modified R formula from source with desired options

brew install -s sethrfore/r-srf/r --with-cairo --with-libtiff

Note: If necessary, remove previous R and cairo installations prior to compiling the modified R formula. Once installed, the compiled dependencies can be checked by invoking R and running capabilities().

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