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A simple gitweb replacement built with Django
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Get the code via svn:

git checkout git://

Add the django-git/django_git folder to your PYTHONPATH.

Update your


REPOS_ROOT = '/Users/seth/projects/git'

And don't forget to include the

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^git/', include('django_git.urls')),

Then collect the static files, ensuring AppDirectoriesFinder is in STATICFILES_FINDERS:

./ collectstatic -n
# And if that outputs some js/jquery-1.2.6.min.js file and our js/commit.js, continue
./ collectstatic

If there are name resolution issues with commit.js, rename it in templates/django_git/commit.html and move it appropriately.

With the use of auto_render, using this app in other projects/apps is much simpler. Apps, not wanting to show the repo/commit/blob directly but handle them in their own way, can simply call the view with only_context=True:

def some_other_view(request, repo='', commit_id='')
    if not commit_id or not repo: raise Http404

    ctx = django_git.views.commit(request, repo, commit_id, only_context=True)
    diffs = ctx['diffs']
    # Though a more direct use of django_git.utils could be used if necessary as well:
    diffs = django_git.utils.get_commit(repo,commit).diffs


  • Pygments
  • GitPython
  • Django 1.3 (alpha or better)

If you would like to get started with django-git Hugh Brown has created Django-git-tester.


  • Christos Trochalakis
  • Hugh Brown
  • Fahrzin Hemmati
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