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Frontend for displaying MiniGo, Leela-Zero, and other Go data.

This is not an official Google product.

Getting Started

Visit to see a live version.


The site requires several python libraries, this may not be a complete list

pip3 install choix flask numpy tqdm sqlite3 requests

sgftopng is required to render some images, but isn't required to run.

For local development I suggest using devel_instance.7z to bootstrap.

devel_instance.7z contains enough of MiniGo v3-9x9 and v7-19x19 data to test the UI.

7z x devel_instance.7z
mv -n devel_instance instance
./ models True v3-9x9 v5-19x19 v7-19x19 leela-zero-v1
./ games v3-9x9 v5-19x19 v7-19x19 leela-zero-v1
./ eval_games v3-9x9 v5-19x19 v7-19x19 leela-zero-v1
./ position_evals v3-9x9 v5-19x19 v7-19x19 leela-zero-v1
FLASK_DEBUG=1 FLASK_APP="web/" flask run --host --port 5000
# follow instructions in SETUP so SGFS can be rendered with WGo.js

Coding style

Style guide is a mix of Google Python + PEP8, Some older code may not be perfectly compliant.

Deployment is run by Seth Troisi, local deployment is normally tested with

FLASK_DEBUG=1 FLASK_APP="web/" flask run --host --port 6000

Full Site Setup

instance/             # Created with oneoff/ from schema.sql
├── cloudygo.db       # Created with oneoff/ from schema.sql
├── data/             # directory (or link to directory) of MiniGo training data
│   ├── v7-19x19/     # Training Run #1
│   │   ├── models/   # See minigo-pub Google Cloud Storage Bucket
│   │   ├── sgf/      # See minigo-pub Google Cloud Storage Bucket
│   └── ...           # Other Training Runs
├── eval/v7-19x19/    # Figure 3 details produced by minigo/oneoffs
├── policy/v7-19x19/  # Policy heatmaps produced by minigo/oneoffs
├── pv/v7-19x19/      # Principle variations produced by minigo/oneoffs
├── openings/         # PNGs of openings (deprecated)
├── debug/            # various logs served by easter egg secrets page


Please read CONTRIBUTING for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2 License - see LICENSE file for details


See also the list of AUTHORS who participated in this project.


  • MiniGo
  • Andrew Jackson for his infinite patience with my questions