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an example of using an animated gif as a background using jquery.backstretch.js.
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static files with sinatra on heroku!

you may first need to install heroku command line tools

gem install heroku

login to heroku services

heroku login

if you haven't already, you'll need to set up ssh keys with heroku

heroku keys:add

now, the repo!

clone this repository to get you started (if you want)

git clone

make and commit your changes

git add .  
git commit -m 'stuff'

when you're ready, create a site on heroku

heroku create

if you want to run your app on heroku's cedar stack do this:

heroku create --stack cedar  

this creates a remote repo that you can push to

git push heroku master


That should be all it takes to use sinatra on heroku to serve static files.
This example includes the skeleton css framework in the public folder to help you out if you're starting from scratch.

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