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Current SonATA Hardware Configuration
SonATA is a 3 beam SETI observing system on the ATA.
Input from the 3 dual polarization beamformers is received
by a Fujitsu 10GbE switch.
Fujitsu XG2000 20 10GbE ports
The data for each beam is redirected to a Dell 6224
switch dedicated to that beam via 10GbE.
3 Dell 6224 switches (4 10GbE ports, 24 1GbE ports)
There is one C6100 dedicated to each beam. The beamformer
data is received on sled 1 via 10GbE. There are 2 channelizers
running on sled 1, one for each polarization, producing 49 800KHz channels.
The channels are sent to the other 3 sleds of the C6100
via the 10GbE connection on the switch. The Dxs perform subchannelization
and signal detection on the channels. There are 8 Dx processes per sled
receiving their input via 1GbE. A total of 20MHz is currently being
PowerEdge C6100 Rack Server (3)
4 sleds each with
2 Intel Xeon X5650 six-core processors
48 GB memory
250 GB Disk
10 GbE card
1 GbE card
The control system and Archiver run on a C2100.
PowerEdge C2100 Rack Server (1)
1 sled
2 Intel Xeon X5670 six-core processors
48 GB Memory
10-GbE card
1-GbE card
12 TB disk
Future Development
We have an additional 12 C6100s that will be added to the system
to increase the bandwidth processed. There are issues with power,
air conditioning, and network throughput that need to resolved first.