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General Information

The SETI Institute is a private, nonprofit organization with a mission to explore, understand and explain the origin, nature and prevalence of life in the universe. Historically, the SETI Institute conducted observing campaigns at large radio telescopes around the world, during which staff routinely interacted with the specially constructed signal detection processor to direct their searches for extraterrestrial life. The public was fascinated by in images shown on web-cams set up to highlight the work of the SETI researchers. People from all over the world would make donations and were interested in the searches SETI was conducting.

Today the SETI Institute has built its own dedicated observatory in partnership with the University of California Radio Astronomy Lab, the Allen Telescope Array. SETI observations are routinely conducted every day on the ATA, and people who visit the SETI Institute are very interested in what is taking place. The SETI project needs to find a way to show its visitors the observations that are in progress in a way that allows them to understand exactly what’s going on, but that does not require staff to interact personally with the viewers. To that end, the SETI Institute has installed a glass-walled observing room, and they immediately plan to develop two displays, which will be mounted in plain view to “wow” and catch the eyes of normal everyday people.

This project is called “The World of SETI”, and its purpose is to give insight in the searches that SETI conducts. In the near future, SETI Institute also wishes to capture the enthusiasm of people everywhere in order to allow them to participate directly in the search as Citizen Scientists. It is hoped that many of the components of the displays developed for the SETI Institute site can be extended to other platforms and help to educate and inform a new generation of Citizen Scientist.

This project is open-sourced through the GPL3. A copy of it is in this project directory.

For access to the SETI data server, please contact Avinesh Agrawal (avinash@seti.org) or Jon Richards (jrichards@seti.org).

Contact Information

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SETI Institute Stakeholders

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