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GoLang Base64 Image Gallery
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GoLang Base64 Image Gallery

Gitter Build Status

Another Learn Go project.

The Basics are create a REST Server in GO that connectes to a mongo server to store/retrive Base64 Images,.

What Needs Doing:

  1. Create the Rest Server.
  2. Create the Mongo Connectors.
  3. Mongo Connectors Now Need Testing.
  4. Run Tests on the Rest Server Kindly provided by Darthlukan.
  5. Wirte an Easy way to Submit to the API.

Thoughts and Considerations:

  • Simple Web form to upload from the browser needs testing to make sure it doesent blow up the browsers single thread and take a long time During Encoding to Base64.
  • If it does write a simple painfree way of doing the job in its stead.
  • Probably more things to come here as coding gets underway.

Submit an Issue if you have Any Idea's :D

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