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Game store and SDK for Squad games
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Squad is an open source project consisting of

  1. a video game store for community-designed games and
  2. a software development kit that helps game developers support community-based design.

The Squad-SDK is a software development kit that supports community-designed video games. Building with the Squad-SDK will let you build a game that allows community created and curated components, formats, and other elements inside your game. With the SDK, a game's community can 1) submit game elements, 2) buy them, 3), curate them (via curation markets), and 4) license and profit off their contributions.

Table of Contents

In this repo

Inside the packages folder of this repo, you'll find:

  • app-spec-web: an example game that supports community design, built using the Squad SDK.
  • curation-market: an autonomous market maker for tokens connected with games and game elements, built on Ethereum. This is how users will buy/sell games and game pieces.
  • metastore: Decentralized storage for metadata representing games and game pieces, built mostly using Holochain. This metadata links users to actual game data.
  • squad-games-web: Web implementation of a game store and discovery engine for games that use the Squad-SDK.
  • squad-sdk: Software development kit for enabling community-design features in video games.

Contribution Guide

Squad is an open source project that welcomes contributions from anyone, as long as they follow our contribution guide.

Contact us

The best way to get in touch with people working on Squad directly is through our Discord. The core contributors to Squad as of October, 2019, are:

  • Jesse B. Miller ("BayesianAgent | Jesse#2255" on Discord)
  • Ezra Weller ("Ezra Weller#4662" on Discord)

We also stream development at! Streams generally happen every Saturday from 11:30 AM - 2:30 PM EST.

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