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Programmable scrolling LED marquee with support for Cherokee syllabary
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A proof-of-concept scrolling LED marquee with support for Cherokee input. Could easily be extended to support variable-width glyphs, fancier scrolling, pre-programmed text cycles, etc. Potentially useful as a starting point for other orthographies that don't have pixel fonts: Inuktitut, N'Ko, maybe vertical Mongolian?

Requires py-spidev. pip install py-spidev

Usage: python3 MESSAGE, e.g. python3 "ᏣᎳᎩᎯ ᎠᏰᎵ"

For more info:

Cultural note

Let's be clear, I'm a white non-Cherokee-speaker showing off a potential tech tool for Cherokee-speakers. I worry about being insensitive, insulting, condescending, or inaccurate; I strive to be none of those things as I present this project. But if I screw up or speak out-of-turn, please tell me!

My scope and intentions are pretty small, here. There's a long history of prescriptivist anglophones unceremoniously thrusting new language tools on people, and I am not trying to be that! There are lots of immediately-apparent ways to improve it, however, I'll only continue this project if someone else has a real, acceptable use for it. If you write to me with one, I'll work with you at whatever level of involvement you deem appropriate. Thanks.

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