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A word game
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A word game! If you are given an arbitrary three-letter string, can you come up with a word that includes that string? Currently available in English and a variety of Romance languages.

Trígrafos is meant as a game for foreign language vocabulary stretching, so this repo features both game code and corpus-processing code (for making new language versions).

How to run the game

Download the game and unzip it. Then open If you have Python 2.something, it should run!

How to play the game

First, select your language.

The game will give you three letters, such as acu, and prompts to you give a word that contains those letters in order (e.g. facultad or acurrucarse, meaning 'to snuggle'). You may want to have the special characters handy! For example, áéíóúñü for Spanish and áâãàéêíóôõúçü for Portuguese. Also, your word must be five letters or more, just because. The better you do, the harder it gets (that is, the rarer the trigraphs become).

Example gameplay

Various notes

  • The interface should not be in English, PLEASE HELP
  • The Spanish frequency data is gleaned from WikiCorpus Español, which is roughly 70 million tokens taken from the Spanish-language Wikipedia. Portuguese frequency data comes from the Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa.
  • Especially with the WikiCorpus, there are some flaws—for example, it may want you to find words that contain kéb (answers: pokéball(s), pokéblock(s)).
  • The letter pairs rr, ll, ch and so on: they are counted as two letters each. This approach won't always work; for example, the Catalan l·l really would have to be treated as a unigraph.
  • Maybe there should be a GUI? Or some easier way to input special characters.

Let me know what you think!

I can be reached at:

  • såm ündèrscõre ëttîngêr ât hmç døt edu, without any diacritics
  • sje[six squared plus four squared plus six] @

I'd love suggestions/feedback on the game (or my e-mail obscuring methods)

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