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# Bradley J. Setzler
# Tutorial 5: Parallel Processing in Julia: Bootstrapping the MLE
# Python Comparison Script
import numpy as np
from scipy.stats import multivariate_normal as mn
from scipy.optimize import fmin_cg
import multiprocessing as mp
import time
X = np.random.multivariate_normal(np.zeros(K),np.eye(K),N)
constant = np.ones((N,1))
X = np.hstack((constant,X))
epsilon = np.random.normal(0,1,N)
trueParams = np.linspace(-K/2,K/2,K+1)*.02
Y =,trueParams) + epsilon
params0 = np.hstack((trueParams,1))
def loglike(rho,x,y):
beta = rho[0:K+1]
sigma2 = np.exp(rho[K+1])
residual =,beta)
contributions = mn.logpdf(residual,0,sigma2)
loglikelihood = np.sum(contributions)
return -loglikelihood
#def wrapLoglike(rho):
# return loglike(rho,X,Y)
#out = fmin_cg(wrapLoglike,params0)
def bootstrapSamples(B):
print "hi"
samples = np.zeros((B,K+2))
for b in range(B):
theIndex = np.random.permutation(N)[0:M]
x = X[theIndex]
y = Y[theIndex]
def wrapLoglike(rho):
return loglike(rho,x,y)
samples[b,:] = fmin_cg(wrapLoglike,params0)
samples[:,K+1] = np.exp(samples[:,K+1])
print "bye"
return samples
B = 1000
b = 1000//4
time0 = time.time()
samples = bootstrapSamples(B)
time_1proc = time.time() - time0
pool = mp.Pool(4)
time0 = time.time()
samples =,[b,b,b,b])
time_4proc = time.time() - time0