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Demondrian source code

Demondrian is an abstract puzzle game created by Perro Electrico (Sebastián Uribe) It's commercially unreleased; only an old online version saw any public distribution:

This repository contains the full source code and resources needed for compiling it. It's developed with Unity and requires at least version 5.5 to run.


Q: Why am I releasing it?

A: Why not? Maybe someone can learn something from it. Besides, sitting unfinished in my hard drive is certainly less useful.

Q: Is the game finished?

A: Yes and no. A sufficient amount of gameplay has been implemented to consider it "finished". But I never managed to finish a proper "complete game experience", and don't think I'll ever dedicate enough time to it.

Q: Is the code any good?

A: I've seen way worse.

Q: Why the license?

A: Because I don't care about others making whatever they want with it... as long as they don't make the world a worse place.

Q: What could be worse that the world as it is now?

A: Among other things: a world with more weapons; a world with more violence. a world with less equality; a world with a climate catastrophe; a world with more discrimination. Also, a world where open source code is used to create more shitty ads-saturated mobile games. Please, don't do that.

Q: Don't you care if someone else makes a lot of money with your code?

A: It takes a lot of work (and even more luck) to make money from a game, specially an abstract puzzle game. Also, I don't care much about money. Having said that, I would much welcome an invitation for a glass of wine or dinner from anyone who manages to make enough money from it to be able to afford it.

Other stuff

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