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The game

FLIP is an abstract puzzle game, developed between 2014 and 2016.

This is the Unity source code + full Assets, working on Unity 2018.2, without requiring any additional plug-in.

It is also possible to play it directly from the browser at A windows executable is also downloadable from there.

The code

The quality of the code varies... Some classes, like GameController, do too many things and are quite long. To anyone who wants to learn from this: don't! Some other parts are better though. :) As it was original developed with Unity 5.3, some things might have been made redundant or not needed by current versions. I did some refactoring, cleaning up, and upgraded to .NET 4. Some parts surely can still use improvements.

All store related components (i.e. Steam, Apple Store, Google, etc.) have been removed from the code. The game is completely playable without them anyway.

If you have any questions about the code, don't hesitate to drop me a line.