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collection of methods for chord detection (aka polyphonic, multipitch signals) with chromagram outputs and Krumhansl-Schmuckler key estimation
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This repository is an MIT-licensed collection of multipitch/polyphonic instrument chord and key detection methods, implemented from academic papers using Python.


The results displayed come from a wav clip of a piano C major chord. The outputs are the summed chromagrams across all the frames, normalized to 9 (the biggest single-digit number), in a 12-digit chroma vector string.

The expected notes of a C major chord are C E G, so the expected answer should resemble C000E00G0000, where C > E, C > G. The values of C, E, G are specific to the method being used, but it's some representation of the energy of the detected pitch, e.g. spectral energy, summed FFT.

ESACF (Tolonen, Karjalainen)

reference: C000E00G0000
computed:  900003001000, key: Cmaj


T. Tolonen and M. Karjalainen, "A computationally efficient multipitch analysis model," in IEEE Transactions on Speech and Audio Processing, vol. 8, no. 6, pp. 708-716, Nov. 2000.

V. Zenz and A. Rauber, "Automatic Chord Detection Incorporating Beat and Key Detection," 2007 IEEE International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications, Dubai, 2007, pp. 1175-1178.

Harmonic Energy (Stark, Plumbley)

reference: C000E00G0000
computed:  921111111111, key: Cmin


M Stark, Adam and Plumbley, Mark., "Real-Time Chord Recognition for Live Performance," in Proceedings of the 2009 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2009), Montreal, Canada, 16-21 August 2009.

Iterative F0 (Klapuri, Anssi)

reference: C000E00G0000
computed:  900301000000, key: Cmin


Klapuri, Anssi, "Multipitch Analysis of Polyphonic Music and Speech Signals Using an Auditory Model," IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AUDIO, SPEECH, AND LANGUAGE PROCESSING, VOL. 16, NO. 2, FEBRUARY 2008 255.

Klapuri, Anssi. "Multiple Fundamental Frequency Estimation by Summing Harmonic Amplitudes." ISMIR (2006).

Prime-multiF0 (Camacho, Kaver-Oreamuno)

reference: C000E00G0000
computed:  951000000002, key: Cmin


Camacho, A, Oreamuno, I, "A multipitch estimation algorithm based on fundamental frequencies and prime harmonics," Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013.

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