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pq license

protobuf to json deserializer, written in Rust

pq is a tool which deserializes protobuf messages given a set of pre-compiled .fdset files. It can understand varint/leb128-delimited/i32be streams, and it can connect to Kafka.

pq will pretty-print when outputting to a tty, but you should pipe it to jq for more fully-featured json handling.


pq is on cargo install pq. You can also download a static binary from the releases page.


To set up, put your *.fdset files in ~/.pq, /etc/pq, or a different directory specified with the FDSET_PATH env var:

$ protoc -o dog.fdset dog.proto
$ protoc -o person.fdset person.proto
$ cp *.fdset ~/.pq/

You can specify additional fdset directories or files via options:

$ pq --msgtype --fdsetdir ./tests/fdsets <./tests/samples/dog
$ pq --msgtype --fdsetfile ./tests/fdsets/dog.fdset <./tests/samples/dog

Pipe a single compiled protobuf message:

$ pq --msgtype <./tests/samples/dog
  "age": 4,
  "breed": "poodle",
  "temperament": "excited"

Pipe a varint or leb128 delimited stream:

$ pq --msgtype --stream varint <./tests/samples/dog_stream
  "age": 10,
  "breed": "gsd",
  "temperament": "aggressive"

Consume from a Kafka stream:

$ pq kafka my_topic --brokers --beginning --count 1 --msgtype
  "age": 10,
  "breed": "gsd",
  "temperament": "aggressive"

Convert a Kafka stream to varint-delimited:

$ pq kafka my_topic --brokers= --count 1 --convert varint |\
> pq --msgtype --stream varint
  "age": 10,
  "breed": "gsd",
  "temperament": "aggressive"

Pipe kafkacat output to it:

$ kafkacat -b -C -u -q -f "%R%s" -t my_topic |\
> pq --stream i32be
  "age": 10,
  "breed": "gsd",
  "temperament": "aggressive"

Compile without kafka

To compile pq without kafka support, run:

$ cargo build --no-default-features

Compile for Windows

  1. Install Visual Studio Installer Community edition
  2. Run the installer and install Visual Studio Build Tools 2019. You need the C++ Build Tools workload. Note that you can't just install the minimal package, you also need MSVC C++ x64/86 Build Tools and Windows 10 SDK.
  3. Open x64 Native Tools Command Prompt from the start menu.
  4. Download and run rustup-init.exe
  5. Close and reopen your terminal (so cargo will be in your path)
  6. Run cargo install --no-default-features pq

Note that this will disable the Kafka feature. Kafka is not currently supported on Windows.

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