Windows Machine Learning example using TinyYOLO
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Windows Machine Learning implementation using TinyYOLO (You-Only-Look-Once). For details on YOLO, check out the inventor's site -


This sample project was based on the Windows Machine Learning examples. A special thanks to the MachineThink blog for providing a CoreML model along with example code.


Before running this on your local system, you will need Windows SDK - Build 17110+ and Visual Studio 15.7 Preview 1 (see for more information). If running on desktop Windows, you'll need to set your configuration to x64.


The TinyYOLO.onnx model embedded with this project was created from the model located here. This model represents YOLOv2, which was built off the classes in the Pascal VOC project. See this page for more information on how to convert models to ONNX.