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# Downloader / extracter for latest iLO2 / iLO3 / iLO4 firmware
# (c) 2011-2016 Dennis Kaarsemaker <>
# see COPYING for license details
import tarfile
import io
import os
import sys
PY3 = sys.version_info[0] >= 3
if PY3:
import urllib.request as urllib2
import configparser as ConfigParser
import urllib2
import ConfigParser
GZIP_CONSTANT = b'\x1f\x8b'
_config = None
def config(mirror=None):
global _config
if not _config:
if mirror:
conf = _download(mirror + 'firmware.conf')
conf = _download('')
if PY3:
conf = conf.decode('ascii')
parser = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
_config = {}
for section in parser.sections():
_config[section] = {}
for option in parser.options(section):
_config[section][option] = parser.get(section, option)
if mirror:
for section in _config:
_config[section]['url'] = mirror + _config[section]['file']
return _config
def download(ilo, path=None, progress = lambda txt: None):
if not path:
path = os.getcwd()
conf = config()
if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(path, conf[ilo]['file'])):
msg = "Downloading %s firmware version %s" % (ilo.split()[0], conf[ilo]['version'])
data = _download(conf[ilo]['url'], lambda txt: progress('%s %s' % (msg, txt)))
if conf[ilo]['url'].endswith('.bin'):
with open(os.path.join(path, conf[ilo]['file']), 'w') as fd:
_parse(data, path, conf[ilo]['file'])
return True
return False
def parse(fwfile, ilo):
fd = open(fwfile, 'rb')
data =
if b'_SKIP=' in data:
# scexe file
fwfile = _parse(data, os.getcwd())
return fwfile
def _download(url, progress=lambda txt: None):
req = urllib2.urlopen(url)
size = int(req.headers['Content-Length'])
if size < 16384:
downloaded = 0
data = b''
while downloaded < size:
new =
data += new
downloaded += len(new)
progress('%d/%d bytes (%d%%)' % (downloaded, size, downloaded*100.0/size))
return data
def _parse(scexe, path, filename=None):
# An scexe is a shell script with an embedded compressed tarball. Find the tarball.
skip_start = scexe.index(b'_SKIP=') + 6
skip_end = scexe.index(b'\n', skip_start)
skip = int(scexe[skip_start:skip_end]) - 1
tarball = scexe.split(b'\n', skip)[-1]
# Now uncompress it
if tarball[:2] != GZIP_CONSTANT:
raise ValueError("scexe file seems corrupt")
tf ="bogus_name_for_old_python_versions", fileobj=io.BytesIO(tarball), mode='r:gz')
filenames = [x for x in tf.getnames() if x.endswith('.bin')]
if not filename or filename not in filenames:
if len(filenames) != 1:
raise ValueError("scexe file seems corrupt")
if filename and filename.lower() != filenames[0].lower():
raise ValueError("scexe file seems corrupt")
filename = filenames[0]
tf.extract(filename, path)
if filename != filename.lower():
os.rename(filename, filename.lower())
return filename.lower()