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head fork: 2600hz/kazoo-freeswitch
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Commits on Mar 24, 2013
@jlenk jlenk FS-4568 --resolve 772e9f4
Commits on Mar 25, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5214 --resolve b6ed7c2
Anthony Minessale FS-5171 please test e74e46b
Commits on Mar 26, 2013
@dswarbrick dswarbrick minor tidyup of user-submitted patch from last year e6f6c32
@dswarbrick dswarbrick Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 49bcd15
@jlenk jlenk FS-4321 --resolve 74767e7
@jlenk jlenk oops line endings a5cd843
Anthony Minessale FS-5219 --resolve 10af50d
@jlenk jlenk vs2010 express make_math_fixed 47607c2
Anthony Minessale FS-5171 try this version bb3114e
@sathieu sathieu MIN is an aggregate function on MySQL
Closes: FS-5218 (Thanks to Nathan Neulinger for the patch)
@sathieu sathieu examples for the ext-voicemail and ext-redial options to mod_skinny s…
…ample conf

Closes: FS-5227 (Thanks to Nathan Neulinger for the patch)
@sathieu sathieu mod_skinny parses and modifies odbc url, breaking it, but also doesn'…
…t use the resulting vars

Closes: FS-5224 (Thanks to Nathan Neulinger for the patch)
@sathieu sathieu Fix in-band ringback in mod_skinny
Closes: FS-4241 (Thanks to Marek Wiewiorski for the patch)
Anthony Minessale FS-5223 3bb6acf
Anthony Minessale FS-5226 --resolve 42e679f
Anthony Minessale add execute_on_pre_bridge and execute_on_post_bridge vars to behave l…
…ike the other family of execute_on and not break the existing pre bridge vars that are now depricated
Anthony Minessale change ready to up in this case 231a9c7
Commits on Mar 27, 2013
@crienzo crienzo FS-5221 --resolve set NOSIGNAL on http_get 7af7061
Anthony Minessale FS-5236 --resolve 3f118b1
Anthony Minessale FS-5203 --resolve 3226882
Anthony Minessale FS-5235 --resolve 18b8007
Anthony Minessale fix bug where originate can return success when it should not 4fe24be
Anthony Minessale FS-5234 --resolve c4347e6
Anthony Minessale FS-5233 --resolve 44f5293
Anthony Minessale FS-4903 --resolve some of these are better of reverted but not all, t…
…his should work
Anthony Minessale FS-5231 --resolve 3b50675
@swk swk Merge branch 'master' into v1.2.stable 3b891d7
@swk swk these got missed some how ccfad98
Anthony Minessale FS-5228 --resolve problem was actually in the send_silence code as us…
…ed from park not uuid_displace but uuid_displace relies on the write stream so thus it was a symptom
Anthony Minessale FS-5230 --resolve this was actually a bug in the -1 val in send_silen…
Anthony Minessale add switch_core_get_variables and allow execute_on funcs to see globa…
…l vars too
Anthony Minessale do not pause callers when they come out of a bridge c510a81
Anthony Minessale FS-5229 --resolve oops, i missed the part that its subsequent calls t…
…o displace
Anthony Minessale add switch_core_session_findall to get a list of all open uuid 14e3570
Anthony Minessale FS-5238 --resolve e3ac7c5
Anthony Minessale add SMBF_ONE_ONLY flag and use it on dtmf detectors 7818c3c
Anthony Minessale FS-5229 missed a spot 6cedccd
Commits on Mar 28, 2013
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH remove debug line left in by accident b8b7176
@seven1240 fix void * arithmatic warning fe1a758
@mjerris mjerris dont ever return success when we don't end up with a new session b15ac31
Anthony Minessale set bridge times before firing the bridge event 3b6ae89
Anthony Minessale FS-5011 add sync up flags so neither file writes data until audio is …
…moving both ways
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH Fix Execute on in early media situations 32b7673
Commits on Mar 29, 2013
Anthony Minessale tweaks for caller id in certian uuid_bridge situations aca9257
@swk swk Merge branch 'master' into v1.2.stable 7114899
Anthony Minessale FS-5242 47e6dfb
Anthony Minessale FS-5242 c0f736c
@traviscross traviscross Tighten suggested debian build constraints a bit 3003062
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH fix 4913846
Commits on Mar 30, 2013
@crienzo crienzo --resolve FS-5243 improve mod_unimrcp audio buffering f8d2636
Anthony Minessale update caller_id not callee_id when getting a display update from an …
…inbound leg
Anthony Minessale remove debug code 262aed0
Anthony Minessale FS-5216 seems like invalid codec lets try this e976144
Anthony Minessale bump 308a839
Anthony Minessale bump 573e3fd
@swk swk bump 8167bc7
@swk swk bump 7adad5a
@sathieu sathieu EndCall for incoming call while on hold doesn't close both legs on a …
…skinny phone

Fixes #FS-5232, thanks to Nathan Neulinger for the patch
Anthony Minessale part 2 of other cid patch dd1e61e
Anthony Minessale part 2 of other cid patch e17a614
@sathieu sathieu EndCall for incoming call while on hold doesn't close both legs on a …
…skinny phone

Fixes #FS-5232, thanks to Nathan Neulinger for the patch
Commits on Mar 31, 2013
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH missing zset 4f47c49
@swk swk Merge branch 'master' into v1.2.stable 9ca7401
Commits on Apr 02, 2013
Anthony Minessale do some more caller-id cleanup b72d2c3
@swk swk debug cleanup 4432a0a
Anthony Minessale fix some cid stuff in fifo b2f0f9b
Commits on Apr 03, 2013
Anthony Minessale remove depricated vars causing issues 6af46c3
Anthony Minessale more cid refactor 79be96a
Commits on Apr 04, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5262 --resolve 53b4dd3
Anthony Minessale FS-5265 --resolve bce6ad1
Anthony Minessale flush on answer for inbound only 4a2d0f0
Commits on Apr 05, 2013
Anthony Minessale sla cid tweaks 57fb368
Anthony Minessale endless cid fun 0663196
Anthony Minessale FS-5216 don't allow recursive call to speek 82bbb45
Anthony Minessale oops eea8f47
Anthony Minessale refactor and cleanup more cid stuff 045039c
Anthony Minessale sla barg cid regression a7a04d8
Commits on Apr 06, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5265 cb8d51a
Commits on Apr 08, 2013
@intralanman intralanman FS-5280 --resolve bitch n bail 227af62
Anthony Minessale FS-5279 --resolve some mods made to the patch 28f3e67
Anthony Minessale FS-5281 --resolve 9370256
Anthony Minessale FS-5208 --resolve 16c1cc7
Anthony Minessale FS-5271 --resolve 61c65b4
Anthony Minessale FS-5284 --resolve ready is meant to signify that the object is ready …
…for external use so setting it to 1 before the bind is sufficient
Anthony Minessale FS-5285 --resolve 8b43a07
Anthony Minessale FS-5265 d8a6dcf
Commits on Apr 09, 2013
@jlenk jlenk FS-5273 --resolve 2294d77
@jlenk jlenk Merge branch 'v1.2.stable' of ssh://…
… into v1.2.stable
Commits on Apr 10, 2013
Anthony Minessale don't send presence for hangup if you never sent it for early in pres…
…ence_disable_early mode, it causes issues in yealink
Commits on Apr 11, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5269 --resolve e227bf4
Commits on Apr 12, 2013
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH Swap UUIDs 3fde0e4
Commits on Apr 15, 2013
@jlenk jlenk FS-5307 --resolve 0afcde5
@jlenk jlenk Merge branch 'v1.2.stable' of ssh://…
… into v1.2.stable
Anthony Minessale move callstate changes down to take place after the core states have run 2d0b247
@mjerris mjerris fix case for call_completed_elsewhere var set 61ec4c0
Anthony Minessale FS-5305 --resolve 60df873
@jlenk jlenk FS-5308 vs2010-2012 reswig d246f21
Commits on Apr 16, 2013
Anthony Minessale swigall 080f301
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH Fix silly warning 22e5203
Anthony Minessale prevent offering vid codec on recover when one was not chosen 7b93c2d
Commits on Apr 17, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5313 6d016e8
Anthony Minessale FS-4622 --resolve 64341dc
Anthony Minessale FS-5034 --resolve please document accordingly on the wiki 429e0fd
Anthony Minessale FS-5319 --resolve 2e4aedd
Anthony Minessale FS-5299 --resolve de5903c
Kristin King FS-5249: --resolve add message sort ordering. 976811c
Anthony Minessale FS-5318 --resolve 3fa092c
Anthony Minessale FS-5313 --resolve 907af48
Anthony Minessale FS-5318 update 40eda54
Commits on Apr 18, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5322 stable equiv 01e06b6
Anthony Minessale add geolocation header parser 5a161a9
Commits on Apr 19, 2013
@crienzo crienzo FS-5324 try this- set define-grammar=true to force caching of grammar…
… in play_and_detect_speech
@crienzo crienzo Merge branch 'v1.2.stable' of ssh://…
… into v1.2.stable
Anthony Minessale FS-5302 --resolve 63d8df3
Anthony Minessale FS-3612 --resolve This got reverted by accident. Funny that it took a…
… year for someone to notive =0
Commits on Apr 21, 2013
@jlenk jlenk revert unintentional part of FS-5273 33c389a
Commits on Apr 22, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5238 revert 7fe448e
Anthony Minessale FS-5238 9fa8684
Anthony Minessale FS-5332 --resolve 658f128
Anthony Minessale skip reforking with ulimit code on 64 bit f038338
Anthony Minessale fix minor cid issue in mod_fifo 3604293
Commits on Apr 23, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5302 --resolve use oreka_mux_streams=true channel var or mux-all-s…
…treams=true param in the oreka.conf.xml
Anthony Minessale FS-5329 --resolve 62b3fd8
@crienzo crienzo added .vox (Dialogic/OKI ADPCM 8kHz format) to mod_sndfile 35c3ae0
Anthony Minessale FS-5341 --resolve 5c696f9
Anthony Minessale favor the lessor of the configured cache-ttl or the max-age, add an a…
…bs-cache-ttl to be forced cache ttl, and add cache_ttl and abs_cache_ttl url params to set it per req
Anthony Minessale FS-5302 missed a word c2077d7
Commits on Apr 24, 2013
William King fixed stuck mod_rtmp session when the call is killed from fs side, su…
…ch as using uuid_kill
William King added debugging to print ip and port of rtmp connection as well as ti…
…e the rtmp session and fs session together
William King Cleaning up and standardizing variable name to rsession if the sessio…
…n referenced is an rtmp_session_t
William King Resolve the segfault where the channel is destroyed while it is still…
… receiving audio

William King Standardizing on rsession to reference rtmp_session_t
William King White space cleanup and variable naming standardization e84cd70
William King Should resolve the last of the rsession -> session and session -> rse…
…ssion on_destroy race condition issues

William King Another variable name standardization 5f71f05
William King Moving all rtmp specific logging to use the rtmp uuid rather than the…
… session uuid.
William King Updating the contributor tags f748a1f
William King added rsession check before comparing its state. commented out active…
… sessions loop
William King fixed rtmp active calls count 985c8de
William King If the rsession is null, then don't try to unlock it, since that'll j…
…ust result in a segfault.
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 6368321
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 this should prefer v4 addrs to avoid the blocking on connect …
…as well so you can use the dns name again
Anthony Minessale FS-5331 c4c2883
Anthony Minessale FS-5343 --resolve
Anthony Minessale FS-5344 --resolve e852ef6
Anthony Minessale FS-5346 --resolve use new originate_delay_start=<ms> to get this 66bfd29
Anthony Minessale remember to file your tps reports 03f9daf
Commits on Apr 25, 2013
Anthony Minessale add tcp keepalive where possible d7e107a
Anthony Minessale rebuild b4feb4d
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH Add application layer keepalive options to sofia and expose config op…

@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH FS-5316 --resolve 49b999c
Commits on Apr 26, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-4990 --resolve e495702
Commits on Apr 29, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5355 --resolve e23d4d3
Anthony Minessale FS-5286 we can try this for added protection 89afd89
Commits on Apr 30, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5358 --resolve use allow-transcoding=true param in global settings…
… or fifo_allow_transcoding=true channel var on per caller basis

@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH fix stopping of streams 85957b9
Anthony Minessale add execute_on_pickup and api_on_pickup 99e91ac
Anthony Minessale add uuid of orig picked channel too 91f8c53
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH fix stop the correct way 52f867b
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH add channel data to this event 91712b5
Anthony Minessale FS-5359 --resolve 95d3152
Commits on May 03, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-4875 auto setting ignore_early_media causes unwanted side effects …
…for others, it will have to be supplied by the user
William King FS-4332: --resolve 2e7c219
Anthony Minessale prevent t38_passthru and fax_detect from both happening at once a30989d
William King FS-5240: --resolve Please test ec0067b
Anthony Minessale dress up event fired after parsing a message a062444
Anthony Minessale FS-5085 adding this patch but still wondering what causes this issue 766db71
@mjerris mjerris add bgsystem for background system calls 3d934ad
Anthony Minessale FS-5365 --resolve 749afaa
Anthony Minessale FS-5371 --resolve 65f0d16
Commits on May 06, 2013
@mjerris mjerris fix auto in will not use the last slot 99fd7a8
@swk swk fix mod_spandsp on systems with libjbig c7567d4
@swk swk 1.2.9 rev bump 7c88f35
Commits on May 07, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5383 --resolve bf3f26b
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 d6cd341
Anthony Minessale FS-5168 --resolve 2b950b9
William King Revert "fixed stuck mod_rtmp session when the call is killed from fs …
…side, such as using uuid_kill"

This reverts commit d8edc03.

Commits on May 08, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5371 --resolve typo 900b0c1
@intralanman intralanman FS-5327 --resolve 5f0d333
@intralanman intralanman FS-5288 --resolve 3c132c9
@FreeSWITCH FreeSWITCH Undo previous change 7c8c758
Anthony Minessale FS-5085 I discovered that the bowout is happening from both legs at o…
…nce, we only need to check this condition on the A side of the loopback bridge
William King FS-5395: --resolve Resolve another mod_rtmp crash where oh specific h…
…angup scenarios there would be a free of variable that wasn't ever malloced
Commits on May 09, 2013
William King FS-5395: False alarm on a reported valgrind memory leak. The io_priva…
…te is alloc'd from a memory pool which valgrind sucks at tracking. No need to free this, because it'll get cleared when the memory pool on the rsession is destroyed.
Anthony Minessale FS-5398 646b34a
Anthony Minessale FS-5390 --resolve a089656
Anthony Minessale FS-5360 --resolve fields are exec-on-max-failures exec-on-max-timeout…
…s pin, needs testing
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 i'll put the nonblocking in but I still think this is a probl…
…em with openssl, a short read is not there every single time you connect, When the lib is in full blocking mode it should be handling the complicated actions internally. As complicated as socket programming is, async ssl is even worse because it requires you to do your own buffering and attemps to read may fail waiting for you to write or vice-versa which should have been handled for us in the lib. non-interruptable syscalls are getting pretty outdated and not enabling it is much less complex than making every socket app on earth be non-blocking
Anthony Minessale FS-5399 --resolve 3fc8f78
Anthony Minessale move log message to avoid logging null e44c278
Commits on May 10, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5403 --resolve e5754ab
Anthony Minessale FS-5085 the last change helped weed out the real bug which is this co…
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 b8b6756
@intralanman intralanman add context d125147
@jlenk jlenk FS-5325 windows compile
(cherry picked from commit d466316)
Commits on May 13, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5410 --resolve e8ecb64
Anthony Minessale FS-5407 --resolve fcb699c
Commits on May 14, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5416 --resolve just missing the part that registers it ec7d8a0
Anthony Minessale FS-5325 force rebuild d3c5713
Anthony Minessale FS-5011 try to fill gaps 793008a
Commits on May 15, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5208 --resolve 8800352
Anthony Minessale FS-5418 --resolve 3fe3a00
Anthony Minessale FS-5430 --resolve c8ef740
Commits on May 17, 2013
William King FS-5441: --resolve fc42d93
Anthony Minessale fix silence_stream size bug bf688a8
Commits on May 18, 2013
@jlenk jlenk FS-5434 --resolve dec5a59
William King This was writing a null one space to the right, outside of the malloc…
…'d buffer. On further review this uses apr_vsnprintf which always returns null terminated.
William King read() does not NULL terminate statbuf, but strstr expects statbuf to…
… be null terminated.
William King Minor typo. User is being passed into this fuction as a long pointer,…
… not a long.
William King When message events were added, the debug field name was overlooked. …
…This would have only been hit when debug level was above 'DEBUG1' and at that point it would have incorrectly chosen debug display names.
William King FS-5443: --resolve leaked because the JS api's copy and return new ma…
…lloc'd pointers.
William King If the mod_sofia global presense hash is null, then make sure to free…
… the matches variable before going to done.
William King Alice meet rabit hole. There is a leak here on every invite that come…
…s back from a status 180 when the other side is not FS, but you have presence enabled. Thanks to Coverity scan for location this condition. This 'might' not have been leaking if sofia was automatically freeing this when the sofia object was destroyed, but all other locations where sip_header_as_string where called they were all followed by a su_free, so I assume not.
Commits on May 19, 2013
William King Possible leak if someone were to try and add extra headers to a chann…
…el that had either an inbound info on that session or the session were to be deflected. I don't see a way that these extra headers could be added outside of a C module subscribing to the session states, but just to make sure I'm adding these so that just like other extra header locations it's cleaned up.
William King Edge case for when you are subscribing to presence on a valet parking…
… lot. In which case there would be a small leak.
William King Coverity reported an Uninitialized pointer read. Upon further digging…
… it appears that there is a code path where incoming packets can come in out of order, so this section of code tries to see if it can find the missed packets. As per FS-5202 there is a case where under heavy load the packet exists, and has most of the packet parsed, but still has a NULL pointer for the packet buffer. These two lines would at least help detect the edge case.
William King My bad. some how a make didn't catch this issue after a cleanup refac…
…tor. In this instance buf is being treated as an 8 byte number, not a pointer.
William King full_contact must be freed by sofia. There isn't a chance of this hav…
…ing blown anything up, but Coverity is right that this should be initialized with NULL to be safe against future refactors.
William King Minor code cleanup. calling va_start without calling va_end doesn't l…
…eak does it? Either way, it's fixed now.
William King Theoretical memory leak where if attr_init failed, then check would h…
…ave still been malloc'd but not used.
William King Add mod_xml_radius to the modules list, though disabled by default. 62027c9
Commits on May 20, 2013
@swk swk 1.2.10 Release b399b33
Anthony Minessale getting read_impl too soon here 3a0ec14
Anthony Minessale FS-5360 3611694
Commits on May 21, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5211 --resolve 4bdd2a7
Anthony Minessale FS-5242 fb3eb97
Anthony Minessale FS-5376 --resolve e2da2e1
Anthony Minessale FS-5457 e4f7fda
Anthony Minessale FS-5453 --resolve 1b6860d
Anthony Minessale FS-5402 b6561f2
Anthony Minessale FS-5402 revert wait till tomorrow b73e2c5
Commits on May 22, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5436 --resolve aed693b
Anthony Minessale FS-5360 change defaults 666ba36
Anthony Minessale FS-5402 --resolve the problem is ent originate has many channels and …
…many causes to parse so we need to check it against all the causes
Commits on May 23, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5453 --resolve 3d2eb20
Anthony Minessale FS-5042 --resolve 18ac2a2
Anthony Minessale swig 0060313
Anthony Minessale FS-5453 --resolve this is a different issue, we just have to hangup t…
…he loopback channel so the loopback and the sip don't both execute the extension
Commits on May 24, 2013
Anthony Minessale FS-5453 --resolve 22076b7
@intralanman intralanman FS-4871 --resolve 1e6d7ea
@jlenk jlenk FS-5389 --resolve b214af4
@jlenk jlenk FS-5389 4b54ec0
@intralanman intralanman FS-4871: reduce logging a bit d00ed86
@manieq manieq FS-5042 changed event body creation e44316d
Anthony Minessale FS-5466 --resolve dc13cb8
Anthony Minessale FS-5470 --resolve aecd186
Commits on May 27, 2014
@k-anderson k-anderson removed the unmodified source code on master and added a README to he…
…lp users determine if this is the correct repo for their use
@k-anderson k-anderson tweak the readme formatting 62e3063
Commits on Aug 12, 2014
@k-anderson k-anderson Update the freeswitch git repo a0f8ed1