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# If you get errors running 254 ping commands it's probably due to the number
# of open files. You can "fix" this by running this command in the terminal
# session before running this program:
# ulimit -n 1024
# If the limit is 256 (the default) then we can run 120 or so before we run out
# of file descriptors.
defmodule Ping do
@moduledoc """
Ping a class-C subnet to find hosts that respond.
To run from the command line:
$ elixir 09-ping.exs 192.168.1.x
@doc """
Ping an IP asynchronously and send a tuple back to the parent saying what
has happened:
`{:ok, ip, pingable?}` where `pingable?` tells us if `ip` is pingable.
`{:error, ip, error}` when some error caused us to not be able to run the
ping command.
def ping_async(ip, parent) do
send parent, run_ping(ip)
@doc """
Ping a single IP address returning a tuple which `ping_async` can return.
def run_ping(ip) do
# This is a Ruby-ish way of dealing with failure...
# TODO: Discover the "Elixir way"
try do
# return code should be handled somehow with pattern matching
{cmd_output, _} = System.cmd("ping", ping_args(ip))
alive? = not Regex.match?(~r/100(\.0)?% packet loss/, cmd_output)
{:ok, ip, alive?}
e -> {:error, ip, e}
def ping_args(ip) do
wait_opt = if darwin?, do: '-W', else: '-w'
["-c", "1", wait_opt, "5", "-s", "1", ip]
def darwin? do
{output, 0} = System.cmd("uname", [])
String.rstrip(output) == "Darwin"
defmodule Subnet do
@doc """
Ping all IPs in a class-C subnet and return a Dict with results.
def ping(subnet) do
all = ips(subnet)
Enum.each all, fn ip ->
# Task.start gives better logging than spawn when things go awry.
Task.start(Ping, :ping_async, [ip, self])
wait, Enum.count(all)
@doc """
Given a class-C subnet string like '192.168.1.x', return list of all 254 IPs therein.
def ips(subnet) do
subnet =^\d+\.\d+\.\d+\./, subnet) |>
Enum.to_list(1..254) |> fn i -> "#{subnet}#{i}" end
defp wait(dict, 0), do: dict
defp wait(dict, remaining) do
receive do
{:ok, ip, pingable?} ->
dict = Dict.put(dict, ip, pingable?)
{:error, ip, error} ->
IO.puts "#{inspect error} for #{ip}"
wait dict, remaining - 1
# Command-line execution support
# TODO is there a way to check if this script is being executed directly (vs imported elsewhere)?
case System.argv do
[subnet] ->
results =
Enum.filter_map(results, fn {_ip, exists} -> exists end, fn {ip, _} -> ip end)
|> Enum.sort
|> Enum.join("\n")
|> IO.puts
_ ->
defmodule SubnetTest do
use ExUnit.Case
test "ips" do
ips = Subnet.ips("192.168.1.x")
assert Enum.count(ips) == 254
assert, 0) == ""
assert, 253) == ""